Atzmona offers field assessments for remote monitoring of every stage of potato growing

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life in many different ways. One of the main problems arising from the spread of the pandemic is travel restrictions, which prevented, among others, many of our loyal European customers from visiting Israel.

In the past, some of our customers visited us on a regular basis to get a first-hand impression of our corps and a better forecast of the expected yield.

Unfortunately, these visits became much more difficult to plan and execute, and we at Atzmona decided to devise a way to continue to provide clients with a system that would update them on our produce progress on a regular basis. As you know, in the Middle East, we are used to saying that “If the mountain won’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the mountain.”

Our field assessment system enables remote monitoring of every stage. Our team conducts regular visits to the growers’ fields and we upload videos and pictures of every stage, first of the foliage and at a later stage of the potatoes themselves. Each report contains information on the plot, variety and size estimation.

Our customers can receive ongoing reports from our quality assurance department in order to enable them to better prepare and plan future shipments.

If you would like to receive ongoing updates from our field assessment system, contact us by clicking here.