At Atzmona Potatoes, we take great pride in our proven ability to ship quality products to their final destination right on time.

Utilizing our long-term relationships with customs brokers and forwarding companies, we work hard to ensure that the produce will arrive in a timely manner by choosing the optimal route.

After working for years with shipping companies and brokers all over Europe, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers. We can reach any packer, no matter where they are based.

Our experienced logistics management department is well-prepared to meet any challenge, tackle unexpected obstacles and provide creative solutions.

We make every effort to guarantee that our products are top quality and therefore control the entire logistics chain from harvest to delivery.

Once our growers harvest the potatoes, our logistics department takes over. We deliver the produce to warehouses supervised by us, where it is inspected and sorted. When the potatoes are ready for shipment, they are delivered by us to the port, loaded onto containers under our supervision and sent to the customer’s nearest delivery point.

Finally, the shipment is traced and tracked in real-time by Atzmona’s logistics department until it is unloaded and reaches its final destination.